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Grow your business and enjoy your free time with
Completely Done-For-You Websites, Handcrafted With Care and
Fully Optimized for Search Engines and User Engagement.
Start a New Project or Improve an Existing One with:
Fully Optimized Website Development

You will get a brand new website developed for you, including all design elements, graphics, content, social profiles and everything else listed below.

Conversion & SEO Optimized Re-Design

We will work with your existing website and Re-Design it according to the latest conversion and SEO know-how keeping in mind the structure. Goes without saying that all features listed below are included as well.

...then it does not matter how good your product or service is!

Imagine two scenarios.

One large company spent tens of thousands of ringgit on their flashy and beautifully animated websites. Unfortunately, the website only “floats” in the huge sea of internet. No one able to find their services or products — not even hearing the company name for once!

Your competitors are being found on top of Google search results, while your company website is not even in Top 100 ranking.

How are you even able to compete with the rest of your competitors?

The problem here is, most of the web design company do not even have proper experience in setting up fully-optimised website to rank in Google. They install a fancy WordPress theme, slap on a few attractive images and then it’s done!

Many website owners do not know – the majority of the effort goes in the background! As they say, the devil is in the details. Most crucial factors are slow loading websites, un-optimized image size, improper headings and some common mistakes every webmaster can do.

Customers are browsing on websites and looking for solutions… on your competitor’s website, BUT NOT YOURS.



Here is second scenario.

Small company that does a good job by creating valuable and intuitively smart design, to show relevant content to readers and prospects. Most importantly, the website loads at blazing speed! The customer is impressed and please -already feeling good about your company.

Readers find something relevant, stay at website longer and engaged in your services and/or products. When you are able to solve your customer’s need fast and efficiently, you are ahead of your competitors.

This both scenario happens all the time.

Without website that converts (or loads fast enough), it does not matter how good your product or service is, if your website is unable to transmit this message.

So your potential customers knows your solutions to their problem!

The majority of companies who has a website, have not yet realized that their focus should be on this important ingredient.

And that is why the first scenario that we described above is so common, in which a company can pour money into a website that is completely useless in search engine rankings because they have decided how customers should perceived at their company presentations, instead of fulfilling what the customers are LOOKING FOR (customers will like our company websites because it has all the fancy moving images and colourful texts!)

… and totally ignore what the customer actually wants (customer wants relevant information presented to them in fastest and efficient way possible – GIVE IT TO ME NOW mentality).

Now that you are aware of this – we can start building your website from the correct starting point. How do we get in front of your customers, so we can deliver your services/products and turn them into life-long customers?


We will make a completely ready to use website for you, fully optimized for search engines, map packs, mobile visitors and to convert your visitors into happy buyers and clients. From simple lead generation sites, contractor websites to building a brand and e-commerce sites, we got you covered on your way to success.

This is how the process looks like and what you get with each website:

Step 1 – Information Collection and Gathering

Fill in a 5-minutes questionnaire after the payment. We will assign a project manager for you. The manager will collect related information such as logo, company profile, photos, services and/or products you provide. The content is carefully used to craft the website structure, headlines and other on-page elements to maximize search and map pack potential.

Step 2 – Content Writing

Our content writing team starts working on building engaging and conversion optimized content that will drive social shares and sales. We use only quality, handwritten and proofread content to ensure that the site grabs and holds visitors attention.

Step 3 – Website Design and Development

We pay a lot of attention to design details. From structuring the pages to establish local and niche relevancy, formatting text to all those bits and pieces that make the site look beautiful.

We use only the best WordPress themes and plugins for this purpose with additions like schema markup and user reviews to maximize SEO and conversion potential.

Step 4 – On-Page Optimization

Our management team will make sure that your site is fully optimized and ready to rank before launching. Writing good headlines, descriptions, and formatting text is just a glimpse of what they do in the backend to ensure minimal sandbox time and maximum ranking potential.

Step 5 – Ready and Over to You

You might be thinking “Now that I have my new site, what should I do with it?” This is where you get a complete and step by step, month-to-month guide how to maintain and rank your site with minimal effort and budget.


6-Months SEO and Ranking System
Value: RM799

A simple, comprehensive and easy to implement guide with best practices for ranking a brand new site with minimal investment of time and money. It Contains month to month guide how you should build links to your site, how to get out of sandbox quickly and maintain #1 spot.

3-Months Social Media Marketing Plan
Value: RM299

Social Profiles are some of the most important types of links for new sites to have. You will get a comprehensive guide in maximising exposure and expanding influence over all your social media channels. Such as Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

12-Months 24/7 Skype and Email Support
Value: RM1200

You will get a complete support from our team, via email or Skype. Any question that you may have, we will have an answer ready.

Build a REAL & LASTING WEBSITE For Your Business

“Okay guys, We get it. You’ll do a ton of stuff. But what does these stuff do for us? What’s the benefit?”

Here’s the benefit: this new website of yours is going to rank organically and continually push buyers to your products or services on Google. The higher your website is ranking, the more customers will find your services, which will become a continual stream of hands-free customers for you.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps
Step 1:

Select the plan and fill up a questionnaire for your project needs.

Step 2:

Our experienced project manager work closely with you.

Step 3:

Your website will be live and ready to launch in 30 days or less.

If you purchase 3 websites or more within 6 months, 4th website is 50% discount.
Unlimited Revisions

Any reasonable design changes.

You will have unlimited number of revisions for 30 days. Anything from simple color change to layout tweak, our team will be there to help.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Our guarantee is based on something as simple as a handshake – the deal that you’ll be satisfied with a purchase, and if you are not, we’ll make it right.


Our team is focused on providing the best possible product with hands free experience so you can focus on growing your business and doing what matters most.


Can you redesign and optimize my current site ?

Yes, we can do a complete redesign and optimization of your existing website with the current content. Please inquire about this via custom quote form.

What is the Turnaround Time (Delivery Time) ?

In most cases it takes less than 30 days for us to deliver a fully built and live site to you.

What do I do after I get the site?

You will get a complete guide after purchase, that you can use to acquire traffic, rank your website and get more businesses.

Do I need to own a domain (or hosting) before we start?

No. We can set everything up after you order one of our packages.

Can you help me get traffic?

Yes, definitely.

This topic is too broad to explain on our sales page, but you can be sure that we know how to put a lot of (targeted) eyeballs on your website once it goes live. Drop us an email for more information.

Do you have a refund policy?

Once we start working on the project, we will not provide a refund as we have to pay for the developing cost.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll help you out until you get the results you need.

Can you help me out with the marketing once the site is up and running?

Yes, we can. Internet marketing is the backbone of our business, and we can definitely help you out.

Drop us an e-mail and we’ll schedule a consultation.

Are there any ongoing costs ?

Yes, there are ongoing costs of website maintenance, plugin updates, website monitoring and weekly backups. Also annual costs of web host and domain name.

Can you do SEO for me?

We do not provide link building or client SEO but you do get a complete guide and course of action that you can use to rank your site. It includes individual services that I personally use for this.

Do you provide support if I need help?

Of course, you can contact us anytime via email or skype if you have an issue or question and we will gladly help.

Are there any bulk discounts ?

Sure, for orders of 3+ sites we can setup a discount. Contact us for more details.

What is the maintenance fee?

Maintenance fee covers: adding and editing of ongoing content (research and writing are not included), updating the site and making sure it’s secure, adding small features, making tweaks as per your request, etc.

What happens if I already have some of the items featured under a specific package (domain name, web hosting...)?

If that happens, we’ll compensate you by adding more of something else (probably articles), for the same cost.

Will you teach me how to use my website?

Yes, of course. We will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.


Due to the high demand and our absurd attention to details, we won’t be able to take more than a handful of orders per month. Secure your spot and order as soon as possible!

If you don’t make it, no worries. We will put you on a waiting lis and contact you before we start working on your project.


Start and grow your business in 2017, earn more and enjoy your free time

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