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How To Create Facebook Campaign That Gets Results (Case Study For The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu)

How To Create Facebook Campaign That Gets Results (Case Study for The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu)

Industry: Wedding Planning
Enquiries before: 0
Enquiries after: 8
Confirmed sales: 1 (as at ending of campaign)
Reached: total 30,942 people

Update: 6 sales as at Saturday, January 27, 2018… more than 500% return on investment!

The Palace Hotel wanted to have a showcase to promote their wedding package.

To promote their following services:

  • consultation with the wedding planner
  • showing of wedding ground
  • food menu
  • inclusive services
  • etc

Facebook campaign budget is RM1000. The budget is similar to publishing at 2 local newspaper.

We figured it could get more leads comparing to the newspaper because we are targeting highly relevant audience.

  • aged 24-36
  • engaged / in a relationship
  • residence within 15km of Kota Kinabalu area

1 – Campaign reached 30,942 highly targeted audience

These are the highly-relevant target audience. The single or married audience will not see these advertisements.

2 – Generated 8 enquiries, another 4 from newspaper

Every phone calls and visitors are surveyed during their visit, and we are able to gauge how effective is the campaign.

Consider spending the equal amount on the Facebook campaign and newspaper advertisement, we come to the conclusion that digital marketing outperforms by traditional media by 100% in this case.

3 – Events invitation: 74 “interested” and 11 “going”

We created “Events” and spend 20% of the total budget to boost the event. Gained 74 “Interested” and also 11 “Going”.

Could do better with longer promotion period and higher budgets.

We sent a personal message to every “interested” as well as “going”, to remind them prior the showcase day.

Not as many people showed up on actual day, and we suspect it’s because of the heavy downpour in 2 out of 3 days of the campaign.

4 – Only require 1 confirmed sales to breakeven

So far in the campaign, The Palace Hotel has successfully closed one sale – we set higher expectations but we have not given up yet.

We believe many haven’t make up their decisions yet, or still surveying around. So we expect more sales in the future once they make up their decision.

Which leads to the following section…

5 – Follow-up, follow-up, and more follow-up!

Potential customers have shown interest, so is up to us to follow up until the deal is confirmed.

All the best with Freedie from the sales department. He will follow up with the potential leads and hopefully close more!

Already planning for future campaigns

With the positive outcome of this campaign, the client is already planning for upcoming campaigns.

If you want to know how we can help you grow your business on the internet, let’s connect!

Services engaged in this case study

  1. Facebook campaign – drive more leads!

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