[Case Study] How We Acquired 4,858 Organic Web Visitors For This Client

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Who is this case study about?

The purpose of the case study is to show case how our solutions are able to skyrocket existing client’s online revenue and website traffic. We break down, and analyse what we’ve done to our client’s website, so you can follow our foot steps and learn what we do.

Our clients have entrusted their online business to us, and is our responsibility to turn website into profit generating machine for them. Our mission is to deliver significant returns on what they’ve invested in, within 1-2 years time.

Below are types improvements we implemented in our client’s website, and how they are currently reaping rewards from all the efforts we put in.

Client background

Borneo Reef World (Facebook: link)is one of our first client. Theresa and Clifern, were kind enough to give us the opportunity to rework on her existing website. We invested every resources we have, in return, we want use her website as one of the case study for Bingo Web Solutions, which you are reading now.

How they benefited from my upgrade

Below are the significant improvements received from the website after we came in and take charge.

Let’s get things clear first before we continue.

They have existing website, and my task was to upgrade ’em into version 2.0. Mainly focusing on turning existing website into mobile responsive website, upgrade and add fresh content, more images, improve navigation, loading speed and get rank on top of Google search results (a.k.a SEO magic).

Old website vs new website

Borneo Reef World website comparison

Visitors increased

Website visitors have increased from 100+ monthly to 800+ monthly visitors. The visitors have increase significantly due to ranking in many long tail keywords. The website can easily double their traffic if they invested more into SEO, which we will explain below.

Increase in Google ranking

We keep track of most of the keywords of our client’s website. Here is screen shot of their website on 16th June 2016 (we started tracking their keywords before we published their v2.0 website).

Be aware they have already ranking for their branding keywords before we took over the campaign. However they are not ranking for any other related keywords, which are leaving money on the table!


These are the latest keyword ranking taken on Monday, 27 March 2017 (same day this blog post goes live). Most of their long tail keywords are already ranking on top 30-50… but still not good enough to make any significan impact on their website traffic.

Your main keywords need to be at Top 1, Top 2, Top 3 to see real, IMPACTFUL RESULT on your business!

These are many more long tail keywords that started to rank, but we did not actively track it. The keywords are already bringing in significant traffic, can you imagine what traffic they will get once all their keyword hit Top 3?


Our SEO plans are minimum 6 months contract. There are no shortcut for you to rank on top of Google pages out of nowhere, especially for new websites. However the client dropped the SEO campaign half way, without chance of seeing real result – it’s unfortunate!

Incoming leads

Real feedback from client,

Leads has been consistent from the website so far, but still below our expectancy.

We can assure their leads can have significant increase if their keywords shoots up at top 3.

Mobile optimised

All our websites are mobile optimised, looks good on all mobile devices!

Better user experience

We have decided to turn the old design (1 page only) into 7 pages of website. A lot of effort goes into pleasant browsing experience for the visitors. Each page has it’s main intention and clear call to action.

Of course, we put a lot of effort into visual aspect of the website as well because this industry strive with amazing images. Without these amazing photos supplied by the client, the project won’t be as successful.

Faster loading speed (before and after)

The website has been optimised for better loading time. Every single image was optimised manually before uploading the live site. Custom cache settings, reliable web hosting, minimal code and compressed files – all small changes are tweaked to ensure fast loading speed. However we can only optimise to 70%-80% in most cases with only limited budget (or no budget at all).

You want to speed up 100%? You need to pay monthly budget for that! (we usually bring in 3rd party professionals to help with this).

However we don’t see the need for that in majority of our client’s case.


The client is not hosting with our recommended web host. You can see the direct impact in the website speed result.

Which package did the client choose from us?

1. Website redesign

2. SEO

3. Local SEO (not available for public yet)

4. Social media (not available for public yet)

5. Pay per click (not available for public yet)

Why is this important for business owners?

It’s all about the Return On Investment (RO.I.), isn’t it? 

Let’s do some basic calculation here. It’s always good to have numbers to show business owners if our services can perform well your industry or not.

For example,

Our industry is only worth is if the value per customer is high. Let’s say the value worth per customer is RM1,000, you only need to bring in 1-2 clients to cover the initial costing of SEO for first few months.

When the site is on top of Google page organically, you may reduce the SEO expenses while steadily bring in high value customers 24/7 via your website. Imagine what this can do for your business.

However if you are barber, you may need to cut additional 40 hair cuts (RM50/customer) in order to break even the SEO costing, which is not viable.

Let’s break down the numbers.

Assuming you have 2,000 monthly searches for your keyword term, “sea walking at Kota Kinabalu”, and you are ranking for Top 1 for the term.

Top 1 ranking usually gets 35% to 40% of total clicks, and resulted in 728 monthly visitor to your website.

Let’s assume every 3 person in 100 visits resulted in a business enquiry (3% conversion rate), that gets you 21.8 enquiries each month. Not bad hey?

One sea walking session costs RM350.00, each enquiry might have 1-10 people who want to buy the package. But for the sake of this example, let’s make it 1 booking per enquiry.

Assuming 1 out of 4 enquiry turns into real business transaction. Based on 21.8 enquiries, means you can get 5.46 new clients!

5.46 new clients * RM350 = estimate additional revenue of RM1911.00 every month!

It’s your turn!

If you think our services can help your business, click here to chat with us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

PS. click here if you prefer to learn how to build your own website

Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong

Daniel helps local businesses to build websites that rank on Google, and turn the websites into lead generation machine. Internet marketer since 2012.

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  1. Can you share on how to get more traffic and awareness from people about our website without any investment. If no, what packages is most affordable for us to develop our website? Thanks for your help and dont forget to visit our official website RB Valley.

    • Thanks for commenting, Aliff. Our most basic website package starts at RM3999, not including traffic generation strategies like SEO and Pay Per Click. However if you already have an existing website, we are able to work out price according to your budget.

      We usually get on a strategy call to calculate if every campaigns if worth the investments or not, judge by the value of each customers. e.g. one client worth RM10,000, you only need a few per month. If one client only worth RM20, you need to generate MANY MOREEEEE to breakeven. That is why strategy call is very important.


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