[Case Study] Facebook Campaign That Gets 100% More Results Than Local Newspaper

winning campaign at Facebook for wedding exhibition

Industry: Wedding Planning
Enquiries before: 0
Enquiries after: 8
Confirmed sales: 1 (as at September 2017)
Reached: total 30,942 people

Update (January 2018): Total 6 confirmed sales (over 500% ROI)

The Palace Hotel wanted to have a showcase to promote their wedding package.

To promote their following services:

  • consultation with the wedding planner
  • showing of wedding ground
  • the food menu
  • inclusive services
  • etc

Facebook campaign budget is RM1000. The budget is similar to publishing at 2 local newspaper.

We figured it could get more leads comparing to the newspaper because we are targeting highly relevant audience.

  • aged 24-36
  • engaged / in a relationship
  • residence within 15km of Kota Kinabalu area

1 – Campaign reached 30,942 highly targeted audience

These are the highly-relevant target audience. The single or married audience will not see these advertisements.

2 – Generated 8 enquiries, another 4 from newspaper

Every phone calls and visitors are surveyed during their visit, and we are able to gauge how effective is the campaign.

Consider spending the equal amount on the Facebook campaign and newspaper advertisement, we come to the conclusion that digital marketing outperforms by traditional media by 100% in this case.

3 – Events invitation: 74 “interested” and 11 “going”

We created “Events” and spend 20% of the total budget to boost the event. Gained 74 “Interested” and also 11 “Going”.

Could do better with longer promotion period and higher budgets.

We sent a personal message to every “interested” as well as “going”, to remind them prior the showcase day.

Not as many people showed up on an actual day, and we suspect it’s because of the heavy downpour in 2 out of 3 days of the campaign.

4 – Only require 1 confirmed sales to breakeven

So far in the campaign, The Palace Hotel has successfully closed one sale – we set higher expectations but we have not given up yet.

We believe many haven’t make up their decisions yet, or still surveying around. So we expect more sales in the future once they make up their decision.

Which leads to the following section…

5 – Follow-up, follow-up, and more follow-up!

Potential customers have shown interest, so is up to us to follow up until the deal is confirmed.

All the best with Freedie from the sales department. He will follow up with the potential leads and hopefully close more!

Update: Total 6 sales generated, which yield over 500% return on investment.

Already planning for future campaigns

With the positive outcome of this campaign, the client is already planning for upcoming campaigns.

If you want to know how we can help you grow your business on the internet, let’s connect!

Services engaged in this case study

  1. Facebook campaign – drive more leads!

[Case Study] How Carpet Seller Made Tremendous Sales From Their Improved Website

carpet seller

Client Profile

Company: Kosy Furnishing Sdn. Bhd.
Website: http://kosy.com.my
Niche: Home & Decorations
Site size: 70+ pages
Type: Company Profile

PAIN: client unable to appear on the first page of Google
PROBLEM: website not found in Google

Mr Lam has been in the home furnishing industry for over 30 years. One of the largest stockists of carpet in Kota Kinabalu, his company also carries wallpapers, window blinds, curtains, rugs, vinyl tiles and more. His company, Kosy, also comes with carpet installation & cleaning services too.

Kosy official website: Created by other agencies, but further improved by us.

We met through BNI. He approached me to do an audit on his website and general online presence.

Below are our recommendations for his company website.

1- Create Google Pay Per Click campaign

Kosy Google Adwords ads

Problem: “I am one of the largest and most established carpet suppliers in Kota Kinabalu, but I am not appearing on Google search results!”

Solution: We created Google pay per click (PPC) campaign to solve this immediate problem. We only targeted highly relevant keywords like “buy carpet Kota Kinabalu”.

The client allocated daily budget for on-going advertisement fees on Google Adwords, the reason being “is much cheaper than advertising on local newspaper”, and their website has more visitors coming in.

2- Fix Google My Business listing

Kosy – Google My Business listing

Problem: “My business is not appearing in the Google Map Pack!”

Solution: We accessed client’s Google business listing and do some proper optimisations, make sure all information are up to date and relevant. Also, remove/replaced old information and photos.

We submitted business details to over 20+ local business directories, to make sure all NAP (name, address, phone) are consistent among all web properties. This builds trust quickly and client started to see results on the organic search result. However, this process will take 2-3 months for Google to show any result.

Generally, this process takes 2-3 months to show the result.

3- Improve ON-page SEO

Problem: Website is not SEO optimised

The website is ranking on the second page for their main keyword, however, it’s ranking for the wrong page and this is a big no-no. Home page is not ranking entirely too!

Solution: We identified all major “leaks” and fixed it accordingly. Biggest problems are current website do not have relevant and fresh content, missing meta, wrong page title, H1’s and URL structure, and silo-ing.

We publish highly relevant local content on the main page and fixed everything.

We also upgraded the design and layout of the home page – having visitors stay longer and browse around the website. This signals positive engagements from the website, and Google loves that.

We make sure all information is no more than 3 clicks away.

What bummed us the most is the entire website did not even have their brand name mentioned even once (oh no!)

Also added more fresh and relevant content through out entire pages too.

4- Work On Off-page SEO

Problem: Not ranking high enough

Solution: Bring in the link juice!

The client has been putting a lot of effort in growing the content of the website, currently having massive 80 pages of content published!

More incoming links = higher ranking

Unfortunately, no one was linking to their website, hence the low ranking in SEO – they are leaving money on the table just because of visitors unable to find their services on top Google page!

We rolled up our sleeves and get into real serious work. First, we get some social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+, then we slowly build 5-10 links to the home page over 1-2 weeks.

We also submitted their website URL to a few local business directories to build up the citations.

No high domain authority links yet due to the limited budget.


Mr Lam is happy to see his Google Business Ranking jumped from #14 to #3, and it is still climbing up, breaking position #1 soon.

Snack Pack ranking

Most importantly, he is getting more sales too!

The website is consistently receiving over 1,000 visitors per month, many of them turned into real customers after reading the company website.

Many new walk-in customers at shop too,  “how you guys find us?”, most say “Google”.

How you guys find us? most say “Google”  – says Mr Lam.

His website appears on almost every home furnishing related term, all ranking in #1 spot, from the Pay Per Click (Adwords) campaign. Receiving excellent exposures for his home furnishing business.

His home furnishing business website is getting excellent exposures!

Mr Lam estimated from past 3 months work, he has already received over 5 figures deal in total. And many are still in discussion phase. The most recent one is hotel owner that need carpet for his 102 rooms at Lahad Datu!

Mr Lam’s investment in building an online presence for his company in mere 3 months has already netted him pure profits. And he hopes to build another similar website to capture even more market.

He wanted us to handle his company social media accounts too, which he believes pro-actively seeking for customers is much better than waiting passively.

[Case Study] How We Generate Business Leads For Glass Installer

working on laptop and notes

Company: AMB Trading Sdn. Bhd.
Website: http://www.ambtrading.com.my
Niche: Manufacture
Site size: 11 pages
Site age: 2015
Type: Company profile

I want our company and our products get found on Google

-Victoria, AMB Trading Sdn Bhd.

Victoria is the 3rd generation of a glass and aluminium manufacturer, she runs the daily operation of this mega factory.

The company is growing steadily under her leadership. However, she wanted to have a consistent way to bring in leads instead of depending only on referrals (often large projects.)

She knows her company is lacking an online presence, and she wants to fix that.

“Google can bring in more leads for us, help us achieve that”

Scaling up operation is her main objective since her operation team is capable of handling both small and large projects.

1 – Build a Company Website

I pay a visit to her factory to understand more of the operation of the business, and products they manufacture. They have the large and sophisticated types of machinery that are capable of producing many types of products.

They are the real deal.

So one of the challenges is to categorise the products and services into easily digestible content for the website. Our intention is to show what “type” of products to produce, not “exactly this, this, this and this”.

Every machinery has its own purpose, however, we decided not to go to deep on this aspect, so we only put up a photo with the machine’s name. Indicating:

We are running real operations with a proper production line

Problem: Only construction industry know who they are

New contractors or retail customers might not know who AMB Trading is, so we put up a “portfolio” page to show what projects they have completed, the scale of projects, several sample products – all done with photo illustration.

2 – Get Listed on Google My Business (GMB)

Victoria has applied Google My Business, verified the property and filled in every blank.

However, that doesn’t grant your business to appear on search result.

Now my tasks are to DOMINATE their listing to the top of Google’s Snack Pack.


example of Google “Snack Pack”



I am optimising the following:

  • business signals
  • external location signals
  • on-page signals
  • link signals
  • review signals
  • social signals
  • behavioural and mobile signals

I will be explaining what are these in other blog posts, so, for now, you can categorise these as “black magic by Daniel”.

3 – Get On Top of Google Search Results

Dominating Google Snack Pack is not enough – because your listing only shows up when they search for very narrow sets of keywords.

e.g. “AMB Trading” might appear in Google Snack Pack, but not “glass and aluminium Kota Kinabalu”

Google My Business listing won’t appear in generic search terms

So this is where we come in with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions, which is telling Google:

“Hey, I want to rent your top spot in the search result page”

We run campaigns targeting buyer specific keywords, such as:

Buyer keywords (business-intention)

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#11fb2c”]

  • glass and aluminium Kota Kinabalu
  • aluminium window for sale
  • sandblasting window
  • window installation Kota Kinabalu
  • custom size mirror manufacture


Non-buyer keywords (avoid)

[su_list icon=”icon: times” icon_color=”#fb111d”]

  • how to make glass
  • where to fix glass
  • cheap glass for sale
  • what is sandblasting


As a result, we are driving a highly targeted audience to http://www.ambtrading.com.my.

Targeted customers > engage your website > solutions to their problem = increase sales.

4 – Complete Entire Lead Generation Online For Client

We recommend the client to get leads from GMB and SEM now while we collect more data, analyse the trends, so we know which keyword to go for when we build the SEO campaign.

SEO takes at least 6 months to see the result, so SEM is one of the ways to get an immediate result while SEO gets the result slowly.

Once the website is ranking at top page, we can gradually drop SEM services and focus on generating qualified leads from organic visitors from Google.

Note: As the time of writing this, the client has not decided to proceed with our SEO service yet.

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[Case Study] How We Acquired 4,858 Organic Web Visitors For This Client

snorkerling gears and holiday

Who is this case study about?

The purpose of the case study is to show case how our solutions are able to skyrocket existing client’s online revenue and website traffic. We break down, and analyse what we’ve done to our client’s website, so you can follow our foot steps and learn what we do.

Our clients have entrusted their online business to us, and is our responsibility to turn website into profit generating machine for them. Our mission is to deliver significant returns on what they’ve invested in, within 1-2 years time.

Below are types improvements we implemented in our client’s website, and how they are currently reaping rewards from all the efforts we put in.

Client background

Borneo Reef World (Facebook: link)is one of our first client. Theresa and Clifern, were kind enough to give us the opportunity to rework on her existing website. We invested every resources we have, in return, we want use her website as one of the case study for Bingo Web Solutions, which you are reading now.

How they benefited from my upgrade

Below are the significant improvements received from the website after we came in and take charge.

Let’s get things clear first before we continue.

They have existing website, and my task was to upgrade ’em into version 2.0. Mainly focusing on turning existing website into mobile responsive website, upgrade and add fresh content, more images, improve navigation, loading speed and get rank on top of Google search results (a.k.a SEO magic).

Old website vs new website

Borneo Reef World website comparison

Visitors increased

Website visitors have increased from 100+ monthly to 800+ monthly visitors. The visitors have increase significantly due to ranking in many long tail keywords. The website can easily double their traffic if they invested more into SEO, which we will explain below.

Increase in Google ranking

We keep track of most of the keywords of our client’s website. Here is screen shot of their website on 16th June 2016 (we started tracking their keywords before we published their v2.0 website).

Be aware they have already ranking for their branding keywords before we took over the campaign. However they are not ranking for any other related keywords, which are leaving money on the table!


These are the latest keyword ranking taken on Monday, 27 March 2017 (same day this blog post goes live). Most of their long tail keywords are already ranking on top 30-50… but still not good enough to make any significan impact on their website traffic.

Your main keywords need to be at Top 1, Top 2, Top 3 to see real, IMPACTFUL RESULT on your business!

These are many more long tail keywords that started to rank, but we did not actively track it. The keywords are already bringing in significant traffic, can you imagine what traffic they will get once all their keyword hit Top 3?


Our SEO plans are minimum 6 months contract. There are no shortcut for you to rank on top of Google pages out of nowhere, especially for new websites. However the client dropped the SEO campaign half way, without chance of seeing real result – it’s unfortunate!

Incoming leads

Real feedback from client,

Leads has been consistent from the website so far, but still below our expectancy.

We can assure their leads can have significant increase if their keywords shoots up at top 3.

Mobile optimised

All our websites are mobile optimised, looks good on all mobile devices!

Better user experience

We have decided to turn the old design (1 page only) into 7 pages of website. A lot of effort goes into pleasant browsing experience for the visitors. Each page has it’s main intention and clear call to action.

Of course, we put a lot of effort into visual aspect of the website as well because this industry strive with amazing images. Without these amazing photos supplied by the client, the project won’t be as successful.

Faster loading speed (before and after)

The website has been optimised for better loading time. Every single image was optimised manually before uploading the live site. Custom cache settings, reliable web hosting, minimal code and compressed files – all small changes are tweaked to ensure fast loading speed. However we can only optimise to 70%-80% in most cases with only limited budget (or no budget at all).

You want to speed up 100%? You need to pay monthly budget for that! (we usually bring in 3rd party professionals to help with this).

However we don’t see the need for that in majority of our client’s case.


The client is not hosting with our recommended web host. You can see the direct impact in the website speed result.

Which package did the client choose from us?

1. Website redesign

2. SEO

3. Local SEO (not available for public yet)

4. Social media (not available for public yet)

5. Pay per click (not available for public yet)

Why is this important for business owners?

It’s all about the Return On Investment (RO.I.), isn’t it? 

Let’s do some basic calculation here. It’s always good to have numbers to show business owners if our services can perform well your industry or not.

For example,

Our industry is only worth is if the value per customer is high. Let’s say the value worth per customer is RM1,000, you only need to bring in 1-2 clients to cover the initial costing of SEO for first few months.

When the site is on top of Google page organically, you may reduce the SEO expenses while steadily bring in high value customers 24/7 via your website. Imagine what this can do for your business.

However if you are barber, you may need to cut additional 40 hair cuts (RM50/customer) in order to break even the SEO costing, which is not viable.

Let’s break down the numbers.

Assuming you have 2,000 monthly searches for your keyword term, “sea walking at Kota Kinabalu”, and you are ranking for Top 1 for the term.

Top 1 ranking usually gets 35% to 40% of total clicks, and resulted in 728 monthly visitor to your website.

Let’s assume every 3 person in 100 visits resulted in a business enquiry (3% conversion rate), that gets you 21.8 enquiries each month. Not bad hey?

One sea walking session costs RM350.00, each enquiry might have 1-10 people who want to buy the package. But for the sake of this example, let’s make it 1 booking per enquiry.

Assuming 1 out of 4 enquiry turns into real business transaction. Based on 21.8 enquiries, means you can get 5.46 new clients!

5.46 new clients * RM350 = estimate additional revenue of RM1911.00 every month!

It’s your turn!

If you think our services can help your business, click here to chat with us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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