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So, your website is live! – what’s next?

Many clients thought they will get heaps of leads from their website once the website goes live.


Website is only a ’station’ – visitors won’t automatically arrives at your door step unless you build roads, divert traffic to your location or else nothing else will happen.

Your website is “headquarter” of your online presence

Your online presence is how your company appears online. There are many different pieces that can make up your online presence, and your website is just one of them. And often, most important of all.

Think of your website as “the online headquarter” for your company. Where most important information are located.

Imagine your website is not complete, lack of information and old design – what will visitor think of your company? Not positive, right?

Why does online presence matter?

Your online presence is ultimately how you get found by your customers. According to study (State of B2B Procurement study from Acquity Group, 2014):

  • 94% of business buyers research online before purchasing product
  • 77% use Google search
  • 84% check business websites
  • 34% visit 3rd party websites for reviews

So it’s pretty safe to say people will interact with your company online in more ways than just your website before becoming your customer. We call it “touch points

It’s important to build positive “branding” upon these touch points, so your customers will buy from you down the road.

How can I start building online presence for my business?

One step at a time.

That is why at Bingo Web Solutions, we progress in following phase:

  1. Phase 1 – build website
  2. Phase 2 – bring in the customers (traffic)
  3. Phase 3 – branding (social media)

We bring in massive traffic to your company website with these four main pillars – and generate qualify leads to your website

#1 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is about ranking your website on top of Google pages, organically. Once your website reach top of Google search results, your leads will keep flowing 24/7.

Besides having strong, relevant content on your website, you need to have strong links pointing to your website in order to reach to the top.

The journey to top of page is often difficult, costly, and not guaranteed (why? almost 200+ ranking factors!). However once your worked your way to the your page is at top, you are considered as the leader and the authority in your industry.

#2 Google My Business (GMB)

Have you ever wondered why some businesses show up in Google search with 5 stars and their hours listed, and yours does not?

Google My Business is free tool by Google, to manage your company information including in Google Search and Google Maps. These information is vital to your company.

#3 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Do you know the difference between SEO and SEM?

Have a look at this Google search page result:

Google Adwords = Pay Per Click = SEM (search engine marketing)

Some clients want to get to top #1 to see immediate results.

Pay per click is essentially “renting spaces” from Google top search result. They charge you by clicks. e.g. $1.50 per click. Cost of clicks differs for every keywords, depending on how many competitors who are competing for the space.

Compare with SEO, this works wonderfully in short term, but might be costly in long term.

#4 Social Media

Facebook are huge source of traffic if you know how to use it appropriately. You can choose free or paid option.

Costs are much lower than SEM and SEO, however if you don’t know what you are doing, you are often burning away money without seeing any result.

Our team have invested thousands of USD on certified courses (these self-study course are expensive!) and our team are learning the ropes, experimenting on our own projects now.

We are using social media internally with our existing projects only for now – not yet open for clients.

I don’t know where to start, help!

Let’s hop on a no-obligation call for 15 minutes, and see how can we help your business: schedule a call here. or alternatively ask us questions via contact.

Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong

Daniel helps local businesses to build websites that rank on Google, and turn the websites into lead generation machine. Internet marketer since 2012.

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