[Case Study] How We Generate Business Leads For Glass Installer

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Company: AMB Trading Sdn. Bhd.
Website: http://www.ambtrading.com.my
Niche: Manufacture
Site size: 11 pages
Site age: 2015
Type: Company profile

I want our company and our products get found on Google

-Victoria, AMB Trading Sdn Bhd.

Victoria is the 3rd generation of a glass and aluminium manufacturer, she runs the daily operation of this mega factory.

The company is growing steadily under her leadership. However, she wanted to have a consistent way to bring in leads instead of depending only on referrals (often large projects.)

She knows her company is lacking an online presence, and she wants to fix that.

“Google can bring in more leads for us, help us achieve that”

Scaling up operation is her main objective since her operation team is capable of handling both small and large projects.

1 – Build a Company Website

I pay a visit to her factory to understand more of the operation of the business, and products they manufacture. They have the large and sophisticated types of machinery that are capable of producing many types of products.

They are the real deal.

So one of the challenges is to categorise the products and services into easily digestible content for the website. Our intention is to show what “type” of products to produce, not “exactly this, this, this and this”.

Every machinery has its own purpose, however, we decided not to go to deep on this aspect, so we only put up a photo with the machine’s name. Indicating:

We are running real operations with a proper production line

Problem: Only construction industry know who they are

New contractors or retail customers might not know who AMB Trading is, so we put up a “portfolio” page to show what projects they have completed, the scale of projects, several sample products – all done with photo illustration.

2 – Get Listed on Google My Business (GMB)

Victoria has applied Google My Business, verified the property and filled in every blank.

However, that doesn’t grant your business to appear on search result.

Now my tasks are to DOMINATE their listing to the top of Google’s Snack Pack.


example of Google “Snack Pack”



I am optimising the following:

  • business signals
  • external location signals
  • on-page signals
  • link signals
  • review signals
  • social signals
  • behavioural and mobile signals

I will be explaining what are these in other blog posts, so, for now, you can categorise these as “black magic by Daniel”.

3 – Get On Top of Google Search Results

Dominating Google Snack Pack is not enough – because your listing only shows up when they search for very narrow sets of keywords.

e.g. “AMB Trading” might appear in Google Snack Pack, but not “glass and aluminium Kota Kinabalu”

Google My Business listing won’t appear in generic search terms

So this is where we come in with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions, which is telling Google:

“Hey, I want to rent your top spot in the search result page”

We run campaigns targeting buyer specific keywords, such as:

Buyer keywords (business-intention)

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#11fb2c”]

  • glass and aluminium Kota Kinabalu
  • aluminium window for sale
  • sandblasting window
  • window installation Kota Kinabalu
  • custom size mirror manufacture


Non-buyer keywords (avoid)

[su_list icon=”icon: times” icon_color=”#fb111d”]

  • how to make glass
  • where to fix glass
  • cheap glass for sale
  • what is sandblasting


As a result, we are driving a highly targeted audience to http://www.ambtrading.com.my.

Targeted customers > engage your website > solutions to their problem = increase sales.

4 – Complete Entire Lead Generation Online For Client

We recommend the client to get leads from GMB and SEM now while we collect more data, analyse the trends, so we know which keyword to go for when we build the SEO campaign.

SEO takes at least 6 months to see the result, so SEM is one of the ways to get an immediate result while SEO gets the result slowly.

Once the website is ranking at top page, we can gradually drop SEM services and focus on generating qualified leads from organic visitors from Google.

Note: As the time of writing this, the client has not decided to proceed with our SEO service yet.

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