Hello, we are the Bingo Team!

The team at Bingo Web Solutions are specialist in helping local businesses to get exposures and awareness in the digital world.

We help websites and online businesses generate more bottom-line revenue by increasing online exposures, building authority for the brand and improve user-experience.

The Team


Marketing Executive

Philip Horng

Art Director

Eric Tang

Relationship Manager

Carlo Bernal

Technical Support

Vision Statement

where are we going, and why?

We envision helping 10,000+ businesses in our community (Malaysia based) to get consistent business leads from their digital marketing effort by 2025.

In these 8 years time, we will..

  • be THE organization that helps business grow, expand and enrich their media
  • be THE only logical choice for dominating digital marketing
  • generate 10x R.O.I. for clients - and upgrade client’s living condition for betterment!

Mission Statement

why do we exist?

“the mission of Bingo Marketing is to help our community… help them sell stuff, communicate at the best possible price, in the best possible channels, to reach the biggest possible audience, to create that positive Return On Investment.

to create that positive Return on Investment.

More importantly, we treat each other in the community tremendously well, and have a real connection here.. because community builds spread influences and legacy”